Distinguishing your GREAT images from your good images is a skill that can make or break your career.

Potential clients make snap judgments about whether to hire you based on just a few images they see. (that pressure is enough to drive anyone nuts).

But you can learn to spot your best work with confidence to share on social media, your blog/website, and with publications so you can get noticed + work with clients who want the exact art you want to create.

confidently spot your best images SO YOU CAN GET NOTICED + ATTRACT IDEAL CLIENTS

My biggest struggle with curating my work  was choosing images based on what I thought my clients would like first. I would include vertical and horizontal versions of the same image and a lot of similar images because I couldn't pick between slight variations in expressions. I'm definitely a people pleaser ;)

After the course, I’ve stepped into my confidence as an artist, taking my clients on a journey with the final curation of photos. This is truly a game-changer–I focus so heavily on creating a great client experience before and during the shoot, that I forget the client experience continues onto gallery delivery - too many photos (especially similar ones) can be overwhelming and detract from the strongest images.

I'm more confident and finding it much easier to select my favorites, and recognizing the stronger ones almost immediately. I no longer feel that twinge of "what if they'd want this one?" when choosing between similar images. I'm also realizing the power of cropping when it comes to adding variety and creating a more dynamic story. This was SO helpful in training my ‘artist’s eye.’

- Erinne @elosiniophoto



- How to detach yourself emotionally from your work so you can curate like an editor

- The technical: how to spot (and create) strong composition, emotion, light, and more 

- The top elements that make a strong image + how to finesse your images so they pack a punch

- The intuitive: developing the self-trust to share your work without imposter syndrome

- What to be picky + specific about when choosing and tweaking your images, and what doesn't matter (bye obsessive retouching + overthinking!)



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- 5 photo sessions from different photographers curated by me with me narrating what I’m doing so you can see these principles in action with different styles of shooting, different sessions (indoor/outdoor/newborn/family/etc!)

- Video walkthrough of me curating + editing a session of my own (raw film → final gallery→ instagram post/portfolio additions)

- Curating for website + instagram: video demos of me curating specific images so you can see the impact the right images in the right placement has

- Recording of a live curating Q+A call with Brooke

BONUS: video walkthrough of my portfolio + how I’ve curated it for different publications, 100+ photos down to 10 photos 

BONUS: video walkthrough of some of my selections for Heartful magazine so you can continue thinking like an editor in your own work


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...being able to confidently choose your GREAT images amongst the good images, without overthinking and agonizing over what to post.

...feeling peaceful in delivering galleries to clients, knowing it’s the best representation of their family and your art (no more hiding on the edge of your seat wondering if they’re going to post that one you hated). 

...clients coming to you because they want you to make the EXACT art you want to make, because they’ve seen it from you everywhere.

...getting featured in your favorite publication, and sharing your work with generosity and fun instead of imposter syndrome.

CURATION IS A SKILL THAT WILL pay you back for the rest of your career.

I've had multiple clients hire me from ONE single image.

Sharing the right images in the right context is the difference between dream clients and the coolest opportunities like being published + being seen as a leader in your area, and slowly fading into the background.

If you’ve struggled with curating in the past…

There’s nothing wrong with you. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad photographer. 

There are people at magazines and museums whose ENTIRE job it is to curate. They spend all their time + energy on it, and we’re on this train with social media where we’re supposed to do it effortlessly on top of everything else? 

You're not supposed to automatically know how to do this. Let me shortcut it for you.

It's incredible how much value, tips and advice Brooke managed to pack into this course. I previously struggled with sharing too many images with my clients and definitely diluted my best pictures by oversharing too many versions of similar pictures. The course has equipped me with the knowledge and quick eye to pick my best photos - not just for client galleries but also when I revamped my website and post on Instagram. 

Putting my strongest images forward online resulted in my busiest fall season last year, and importantly, booking many more dream clients who I could take on a creative journey with me!! I love referring back to the course as a refresher too. Thanks Brooke, another must-have educational piece!

-Lisa @lisahphotography


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What if i’m really busy right now? How long will this take?

You’ll have lifetime access to the materials along with any updates. You can go at your own pace + everything is broken down to bite size pieces so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

All in all the course will be ~5-7 hours of content, but folks report binge-learning my other courses. ;)

I am not confident in my photography overall. Will this help?

Yes! But if you’re looking for something that will teach you how to be a better family photographer, work with families, find your signature style and confidently photograph any family, anywhere – the Love Soaked Family Photography course is for you ;)

What if I buy this and then hate it or think it’s absolutely worthless?

Your purchase comes with a 14 day money back guarantee – if you actually go through the course and you don’t love it, you can get your $ back. 

It’s a lose-lose for me to take your money without giving you something INCREDIBLE in return. In this case, the confidence to choose your best images, saving you hours of time culling and editing, and attracting  clients who trust you fully (without you having to send them a 75 page prep guide, lol.)



meet brooke

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HI! I'm Brooke.

My work has been featured in Oprah, Martha Stewart, Rangefinder, Adorama, Kodak, Parents, and more– but what I really care about is making parenthood deeply seen + helping photographers make art + business that light 'em up.

I've helped 700+ family photographers find their unique family photography style through my Love Soaked Retreat, masterminds, and online courses. I am the mother of four, including a special needs kiddo, so I get how precious time is and that you don't have unlimited hours to overthink what to post where and how to pull your work together in a compelling way.

I created the Art of Curation not only to help you save time now, but to give you a skill that you will use to serve and keep clients, attract dream clients, and share your art with confidence  over the entire course of your photography career.

Before, I never really thought that much about what I'm trying to create. Just wanting to get images that the family would like. Or what every other photographer does. Since going through this course, I have really thought about what it is that is important to me as a photographer that represents who I am and makes me feel alive as a creator. And what memories of my own family I would like to have to remember different stages of life. 

The course has helped me really take a look at what it is I want to continue to create as well as what I want to add and take away from what I am currently doing. I have a much better sense of how I want to tell the story compositionally. 

Brooke, you are amazing and very talented at what you do not only through your photography but being able to talk through and help others really visualize what they want. I am so grateful to be able to learn though you!


Included in your purchase today:
1. The Art of Curation course- instant access

2. Video demos of Brooke curating 5 different photographers' work + bonus videos reviewing her editor selections for Heartful magazine

3. Keys to the kingdom: the secrets for delivering galleries that leave your clients singing your praises--more referrals + $$ without any extra work, yes please!

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stop overshooting + undersharing. bye overwhelm. hello, peaceful profits + aligned artistry.

This was the most valuable course I purchased this year and it was so worth it! I am being more bold, and knowing the "why" behind how images should be chosen really helped me. I know that I will be referring back to this course before my busy season. I am recommending this course to every photographer I know, so thank you for sharing your knowledge at such an affordable price. It's truly been invaluable to me and my business!"

-Maria @mariaalacantaraphotos