Shooting families well is not just talent or luck.
It’s not about perfect clients with perfectly behaved kids, perfect homes, or even perfect trust in what you do.

You don’t need to shoot dozens of sessions before you can make the images you see in your head, and you don’t need to burn yourself out with trial and error to improve your work.

I’ve helped hundreds of photographers take their work from meh to mesmerizing through the Love Soaked Family Photography online course + the Love Soaked Retreat. 

Every retreat ticket includes the online course. The online course includes all my tips, tricks, games, and antics for working with families. (Want just the online course? Full deets + enrollment here. )

The retreat is a 3 day intensive to take your learning to the next level. The course is like a manual for riding a unicycle with in-depth how-to and videos watching someone else ride a unicycle. But at the retreat? You GET ON the unicycle + ride with an expert by your side to give you feedback in real time. 

5 in-home family shoots to build your portfolio

a personalized portfolio review to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and direction as an artist

time to explore your creative vision in community with like minded photographers who will be your go-to photo buds long after the retreat is over

lifetime access to the Love Soaked online course




Whether it’s digging into who we are as an artist or watching you work with the light and families, or digging into heart of it all. The retreat was so all consuming that I had to come home, decompress and dig back into the werkbook. There is just so much goodness in there and I want to walk through it monthly. The portfolio review and action plan had me walking away inspired and motivated and loving my art again.

I truly believe that you have something super special to offer any photographer in any stage of their career.

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I wondered if it would be money well spent. Sometimes workshops/mentorships can be quite pricey but there does not seem to be a lot of substance to (or take away from) them. This experience blew my mind. Truly exceeded every expectation. Truly worth every single penny. Brooke will guide you...helping you infuse more heart into your work. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

This experience blew my mind. Truly exceeded every expectation. Truly worth every single penny. 

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and encouraging. Brooke was so incredible to be around and the atmosphere that she set up from the beginning was so warm, loving and encouraging. It will change you on a personal level and the way you interact with, see and capture families.

I was scared of feeling like I am not good enough as a photographer, but everyone was extremely supportive

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Instead, I was welcomed, I felt loved and heard, I felt my work was appreciated but still given feedback to grow.  I not only gained business and artistic skills. I also really found MY voice, and the confidence to be true to it. This is absolutely THE BEST thing for a family photographer. Whether you're just staring, switching genres, or a seasoned pro that feels stuck in a rut, Brooke has a way of seeing right where you need help the most and bringing it to the surface, even if you don’t.  The best part of Brooke as a teacher is that she helps you find what makes YOU and your work unique rather than just churning out cookie cutter facsimiles of herself.

i was afraid That I would spend all this money and feel like I didn’t belong + that my work wasn’t good enough 

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But Brooke is a phenomenal teacher. I learned a ton personally and professionally. The photography critique was super helpful, Brooke was very specific. You will be pushed and challenged creatively and personally. Brooke challenges people to be the best version of THEMSELVES and not the best copycat of her. If you're looking for clarity on your creative journey, do this retreat and mastermind.  It was honestly so much more than a family photography mastermind.

I can be skeptical of photographers who become teachers because not everyone is a great teacher.

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This took guts for me.  Traveling to a new place to spend a long weekend with TOTAL strangers is something this introverted Enneagram 6 is NOT inclined to do. Seeing Brooke work with clients live at the retreat and having her critique us while we were shooting was really helpful. But quite honestly the magic was in the Mastermind.

Taking Brooke's Love Soaked Photography Course online was amazing, but the Retreat and Mastermind really sealed it all in for me.

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-sarah @bluebettyphotography

You need this. You need Brooke in your life! This was my first mastermind experience and I didn't even know I needed it. Yes, I wanted to learn from Brooke and I thought the retreat itself would be enough to sustain me. But getting you PLUS other fabulous creatives has help make the last 6 months the best of my life. 

There's no way I'd be where I am right now in my business or my personal life if it wasn't for the Love Soaked Retreat and Mastermind.

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I was nervous about not knowing anyone at the retreat. Everyone was super friendly and open and willing to share experiences/tips/etc. Everyone felt like family :) It was interesting and eye-opening being able to see the endless possibilities within every family and location. If you want to experience behind-the-scenes interactions with real, non-model families (and the ups and downs of working with kids in the mix) and how to deal with it all while still telling your elements of family, this is a great opportunity to learn!

It was interesting and eye-opening being able to see the endless possibilities

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nov 10-13, 2021, san diego, california.
10 spots only.

april 20-23, 2022, san diego, california 
10 spots only. 
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after you apply, you'll be able to schedule a 20 minute call with team brooke to see if the retreat is a fit for you.

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